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University Of Phoenix® Black and Gold Scholarship 2022



University of Phoenix understands the importance of making higher education highly accessible for students of all ages and backgrounds. We take our social responsibility to our students and the communities we serve very seriously, and we appreciate and celebrate the high level of community engagement LAFC has with Los Angeles; Street by street, block by block, one by one. Prospective scholarship recipients will detail in their submissions the importance of education to them, to their family, and to their community.

The University of Phoenix will offer one (1) Full tuition scholarship towards an undergraduate degree to the best applicant.  

Through this scholarship program, one (1) full tuition scholarship will be offered to a prospective student. This scholarship will allow a prospective student to pursue an undergraduate degree program at University of Phoenix. 

Only the first 100 submitted applications that meet the defined eligibility criteria will be considered.

A complete application, and supporting documentation, must be submitted before the first 100 submitted applications that meet the defined eligibility criteria have been submitted, or before 3/31/2022, whichever comes first. Applications not submitted or submitted after the application limit or designated deadline will not be considered. No exceptions.

Award Date: 

The scholarship committee will determine the recipients of the scholarship by the award date, 4/15/2022. All applicants with a submitted application will be notified via email, regardless if selected as a recipient or not, by award date regarding the status of the scholarship.

Begin Accepting Applications Date:
Deadline Date (MST Time Zone):
3/31/2022 11:00 PM