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EANGUS Future Phoenix Scholarship 2022



University of Phoenix is pleased to collaborate with the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States (EANGUS) to offer three (3) full tuition scholarships to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. The EANGUS is a non-profit which was formally organized in 1972, dedicated to promoting the status, welfare and professionalism of the men and women of the Army and Air National Guard.  

University of Phoenix understands the importance of making higher education highly accessible for students of all ages and backgrounds. We take very seriously our social responsibility to our students and the communities we serve. University of Phoenix is particularly adept at aiding non-traditional students complete their education by designing programs around their busy lives. 

Through this scholarship program, three (3) full-tuition scholarships will be offered. These scholarships will allow three prospective students the opportunity to complete an undergraduate or master’s degree program at University of Phoenix.  


Applicants for the scholarship must demonstrate the following to be considered: 
  1. If applicants reside* in the United States, they must meet one of the following requirements: be a legal resident of the United States; have been granted permanent residency; have a valid visa that does not prohibit educational studies; have been granted temporary protected status along with approved Notice of Action issued by Citizen Immigration Services and verified through CIS Form g-845; or have been granted asylum along with the approved Notice of Action issued by the Citizen Immigration Services. *Applicants who do not currently reside in the United States may disregard this criterion.
  2. Applicant must be a member of EANGUS or an immediate family member (spouse, child or stepchild*) of an EANGUS member.  
  3. *Must have graduated high school or received their GED prior to the scholarship award date.  
  4. Applicants must not be currently enrolled nor in the process of enrolling at a University of Phoenix campus or an online program at any time prior to the scholarship award date.?Applicants who enroll after submitting an application or before the award date are not?eligible to be a recipient of this scholarship.
  5. Applicants must meet all admissions requirements of University of Phoenix. 
  6. Applicant may not receive 100% tuition reimbursement once enrolled. 
  7. Applicants may not be an employee or family member (spouse, dependent child or domestic partner) of an employee of University of Phoenix.  
  8. Applicants must submit a complete, signed application, together with all supporting documentation, by the deadline date. The completion of the application form does not create an obligation to award a scholarship to an applicant. 
  9. Applicants must submit completed essays as described in the Essay section. High importance will be placed on the applicant’s desire to advance in their education, with an emphasis on furthering their careers, and their impact in the community in which they reside.  
  10. All applicants must be prepared to and enroll within 60 days after the scholarship award date. 

Begin Accepting Applications Date:
Deadline Date (MST Time Zone):
4/30/2022 11:30 PM